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About Claudia's Cause

Claudia's Cause was created to pay homage to our founder's grandmother. Claudia Ford is a native of Chester, PA. Born in 1949, she is the oldest of eight. Despite growing up in a society where girls were encouraged to focus on caregiving activities, she gravitated to reading and history. Upon completing high school, Claudia earned a certificate in business. Prior to her retirement, she had a long career with Avis Rental Car. She quickly became a favorite among her coworkers and customers. Among her family, she is the matriarch. Claudia always enforces the importance of education. As she often says, "each generation should learn all they can to pass it to the next."
Over the years, her professional and personal endeavors afforded her the opportunity to travel. She enjoys visiting other places and learning about different cultures. Claudia's Cause combines Ms. Ford's love for seeing the world and her advocacy for education. Through this program, The Michelle Project supports educational initiatives aboard. The goal of this program is to help ensure all children have access to educational materials and opportunities.

Program Goals

Support international programs, focused on

youth and education.

Collaborate with community leaders, locally and aboard, to help address barriers to education for youth overseas.

Create partnerships with organizations addressing the needs of youth, globally.

Support Claudia's Cause

Do you have a suggestion for an international project we could assist with? Contact us.
Let's collaborate!
Make a monetary donation to help us execute this program. Helps us purchase school supplies, uniforms, and more. 
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