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Rainbow Kits

Unfortunately, natural disasters are inevitable. From hurricanes and freezes to historic floods. Emergency excavations can be a traumatic experience. Especially for a child. In addition, they are in an unfamiliar place, with a lot of strangers, and no comforts of home. All of these experiences combined with simple boredom could result in a variety of behaviors, which can be uncomfortable for all parties.


 The goal of Rainbow Kits is to give children joy during unsettling times. To be the symbol of peace after the storm. Each kit includes a reading book, coloring book, crayons, small unisex toy, and more. It is enclosed in a zipper pouch for easy storage or transport. Items can be used at an array of development levels. Shelters have limited space, so items are messy free and can be

enjoyed in a confined area.


Program Goals

Provide recreation to displaced children at local shelters, in an effort to reduce boredom and consequent behaviors.

Bring comfort to children effected by natural disasters.

Build a network of agencies who provide resources to families during natural disasters.

Support Rainbow Kits

Shop our Amazon Wish List and have items shipped directly to us. Materials have to met certain size requirements. This is the best way to assure we can use every donation received. 

Amazon Wishlist

Support with a monetary donation. Any amount helps us execute this program. Donations help cover the cost of coloring books, crayons, transportation, bags, toys, and more. 

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