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The 13:16 Fund

Named for Hebrews 13:16, this fund was created as an avenue to help share assets with initiatives aligned with our mission. Schools and organizations can apply for in-kind donations to support the execution of education-based projects. Organizations are not required to have 501c3 status. However, a reference is required. References must be able to speak directly to the organization and the associated project. References must be unrelated to the applicant. While we would love to donate to every project, unfortunately we are not able to. Please submit an application to be considered.
Through this fund, we have accomplished the following wonderful acts and more. 
  • Purchased recess balls for students at Oak Ridge Elementary
  • Donated candy to Clark Elementary for their candy gram fundraiser
  • Provided snacks for Shotwell Middle School’s Career Day speakers
  • Sponsored a college-bound student at the Ghost Ryders Annual Scholarship Crawfish Boil
  • Donated school supplies to the Conroe ISD Back to School Drive
When you donate to The Michelle Project, you help created this ripple of support.

13: 16 Fund Application

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